The DC Water and Sewer Authority instituted the Lead Service Replacement (LSR) Program to replace all lead services in the District. There are approximately 25,000 known lead services, and 22,000 unknowns suspected to be lead.

The team of O’Brien & Gere Engineers, Bryant and Arcadis formulated the LSR Joint Venture. The LSR JV has been responsible for the program management, planning and design of LSR Construction Contracts, and the associated construction management. Additional services include public education and outreach, geotechnical/material testing and GIS/GPS. In planning the streets/areas for LSR, major coordination is necessary with the District Department of Transportation so the LSRs can be achieved prior to planned street paving and subsequent street moratoriums. Thereafter, a systematic notification process is instituted with the homeowners prior to and during construction, including accomplishing LSR on private property through a DC Water/Homeowner Agreement, if requested by the homeowner.

The LSR JV/DC Water LSR Program has replaced over 15,000 LSRs through 15 construction contracts.