The Rock Creek Sewer Separation was one of the first projects required by the EPA to lessen pollution from combined sewer overflows for DC Water. Bryant Associates provided construction and program management of this project.

Bryant provided the redesign of sections of storm sewer pipes based on site conditions. The project included the conversion of the existing combined sewer to a sanitary sewer by redirecting storm water flow to the existing storm sewer. This will ensure that only stormwater is diverted to Rock Creek and only sanitary flow to the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Project also upgraded the water distribution infrastructure by replacing over 1,100 feet of water mains as well as valves and hydrants as needed. The project required close coordination with the National Parks Services, Property Owners, State Department and community associations to minimize disruption. Overall, the project replaced 2,250 lf of 10” to 24” sanitary sewer pipe, 7,220 lf of 15” to 30” storm sewer and 10,400 lf of 12” diameter and smaller water pipe including lead and galvanized water service pipe on private property. Additionally, the project replaced 1,800 lf of 6” diameter and smaller private property storm sewer laterals. There were a number of areas that trenchless methods were used to minimize disruption. The watermain portion of the project was funded by the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.