Bryant provided construction management services for the rehabilitation of more than three miles of 10-ft. diameter influent sewers to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The sewer pipes were between 30- to 100-years old and constructed of brick and concrete. Various sections of the pipe were deteriorated, exposing aggregate and reinforced steel. The majority of the sewer lines were located inside federal property (Bolling Air Force Base and the Naval Research Laboratory), therefore, extensive coordination was necessary.

Bryant successfully managed the rehabilitation and structural repairs including: corrosion protection for pipe segments of the East and West influent sewers; modifications to several structures and manholes; a structure at the Poplar Point Pumping Station; and flow control during construction. The rehabilitation methods used included glass reinforced panels (GRP), sliplining, spiral wound (SPR), shotcrete and epoxy coating. All consent decree dates were met throughout the management and construction of this extensive and complex project.

The major items of work included in this contract include:

  • Rehabilitation of approximately 12,170 LF of the East Influent Sewer
  • Rehabilitation of approximately 2,925 LF of West Influent Sewer
  • Rehabilitation and modification of structures 1B, 2, 2A, 4, 5A, 5B and 5C
  • Cleaning and inspection of 1,020 LF of 108-inch diameter (NIBS) sewer siphon
  • Cleaning and inspection of 1,100 LF of 9’-4” x 8’-4” CSO 003 outfall sewer, discharge chamber and spillway
  • Rehabilitation and/or replacements of manholes