Bryant provided project management and civil and utilities inspection services on multiple construction management contracts for the City of Baltimore. Projects included are:

Contract 1301 – On Call Project and Construction Management Assistance Services

WC 1261, Task Order #3, Falls Road/Union Avenue/Buena Vista Avenue – Urgent Need Water Main Replacement

Provided construction inspection for this project that replaced watermains that are up to 100 years old. Project included the replacement of 3480 LF by open cut as well as the replacement of existing fire hydrants and house connections.

SC 905, Task Order #33, High Level Sewershed Improvements

Performed construction inspection on this Consent Decree project that consisted of rehabilitation of sewer using cured-in place lining (31,862 LF), replacement of 1,000 LF by open cut, rehabilitated house connections, construction of new manholes and the rehabilitation of 140 existing manholes.

SC 900, Task Order #39, Television Inspection, Cleaning and Lining Sanitary Sewers using Cured in Place Pipe

Performed inspection on this project which consisted of the cured in place lining of 11,000 LF of sanitary sewer pipe throughout the City of Baltimore.

SC 900, Improvements to Sanitary Sewers in Upper Jones Falls Sewershed

Provided inspection for the rehabilitation and replacement of sanitary sewer lines by CIPP lining and open cut methods of pipe in addition to point repairs, laterals, and manholes.

Contract 1402 – On Call Project and Construction Management Assistance Services

WC 1264 Water Main Replacement & Rehabilitation – Various Locations

Performed inspection for watermain replacement and rehabilitation including associated fire hydrants and house connections throughout the City of Baltimore.