The Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA) is razing the 16-city block public housing complex formerly known as Beecher Terrace and replacing it with a mixed use development, comprising commercial retail and mixed-income housing.

BA Engineers is providing conceptual design of all supporting roadway and utility infrastructure within the development, including roadway utility service connections within the roadway right-of-way, roadway gravity sewer mains and storm drains. BA Engineers is also working with local utility companies to provide upgrades to the electrical, telecommunications and gas mains. Complete street roadway improvements include new sidewalk bump-outs, improved pedestrian ramps and provisions for multi-modal transportation. Roadway improvements include areas of new full depth roadway construction and pavement milling/overlay of existing roadways. BA Engineers is also developing construction cost estimates for all progressive phases of the design.

BA Engineers is also working on the development of individual blocks within the development. Elements of the site development include parking lot layouts, new utility services, green infrastructure storm water components and reinforced concrete underground stormwater detention chambers. BA Engineers is also developing construction cost estimates for all civil related site components.